Creative Writing & Inspiration


“The Heart of the Handbell”

It’s a shame that people can’t be more like handbells.
Not just a pretty exterior,
but beautiful on the inside as well.
A perfect goal for any member of the human race …
To be truly beautiful both inside and out.
To wait unpretentiously
on the sidelines and expect nothing
in return for the joy and beauty
you give to others.
That is what makes your heart beat.
To be able to move even the callous
to tears just by the sound of your voice.
To make more beautiful
music when sharing your gifts and
talents than when working
totally alone.
To be a generous, giving part of
a group,
knowing that together
you have a special strength
and clarity.
To always ring true, and speak only
kind and gentle words
through your song of life.
To be able to speak with
integrity and honesty
every time your voice is heard.
To ask only to be taken care of
with unselfish love
at the hands of those
who want you, need you, and cherish your
very existence in order
to make their own
beautiful music.

Janet Olson, 2001
Written in honor of Harmonic Bronze